Described as the most beautiful place on Earth by the Italian writer Edmondo De Amicis, Istanbul is a city which is a paragon of the amalgamation of the East and the West. The Bosphorus Strait bridges the two worlds of Europe and Asia. It’s a historic city with cultural influences of various empires that reigned here once upon a time. This Turkish city has an aura of timelessness about it with modernity and historicity beautifully weaving into each other to create an urban masterpiece that still has its roots in history. Take a trip to Istanbul to enjoy a rich cultural heritage, marvelous architecture, and so much more that mere words cannot do justice to the magnanimity of this city.

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Reasons to visit Istanbul

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History History
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Helpful tips for Istanbul

  • Avoid visiting Taksim Square during night hours as it is riddled with drug peddlers.
  • Try walking around the city for a better experience.
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