Bordeaux is more than just a city named after the well-known French wine. Understandably, even Parisians are moving to Bordeaux, given Bordeaux's 350 historical structures and monuments, numerous museums and art galleries, a brand-new wine experience, and some of the best cuisine in all of France.

With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Dordogne, Bordeaux offers the best of both worlds. The Arcachon Bay, about 30 miles from the city, is where France's most renowned oysters are grown, while the Aquitaine is where the country's greatest foie gras is produced. For foodgasmic experiences, little bistros on breathtakingly lovely streets blend their creative Southwestern-French dishes with Bordeaux's world-class wines.

Saint-Émilion, a Bordeaux Right Bank appellation, and charming medieval village in the quaint corners of the country is a fantastic option to spend quality time with your loved ones.

The French were terrified that anyone would even consider stepping on the 3,450 square meter artwork when the Miroir d'Eau first opened ten years ago. From the Sunday night dance parties to any number of bands performing concerts, there is always something happening there. It undoubtedly ranks as Bordeaux's top free attraction.

The city has made a commitment to setting the standard for cyclotourism in France, and it constantly expands its already fantastic network of car-free cycle tracks. You can ride a bicycle on a car-free route like the 60-kilometer trip along a former railroad bed from Bordeaux to Lacanau-Ocean or the 26-kilometer Voie Verte Roger Lapébie from the city center of Bordeaux to the wine chateaux of Libourne. You could even bike the 250 miles to Toulouse.

The capital of French chocolate is technically Bayonne. However, the city of Bordeaux's southern neighbor is located in the same area, and the Port of the Moon itself is home to hundreds of chocolate shops. Visiting one of these shops will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth pangs.

Bordeaux easily defeated 20 other locations, including Rome and Lisbon, as the best city in the world to visit. With so many attractions, Bordeaux might no longer be France's best-kept secret for very long. So plan a trip to this city soon!

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